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Configure a Global E-mail Account

Play Button Icon 3-Minute Video: Configuring Global E-mail Accounts.

Use the Accounts page in the E-mail Options window to set up global e-mail accounts. From here:

To configure a global e-mail account:

  1. In CSM Administrator main window, select the E-mail and Event Monitoring category, and then select Edit E-mail Accounts and Settings.

    The E-mail Options window opens.

  2. Click the Accounts page.

    Set Up E-mail Accounts

  3. Configure an e-mail account:
  4. Configure the account:
    1. Define settings for a global POP or IMAP account.
    2. Define settings for a global Microsoft Exchange account.
  5. Spell Check E-mail: Select this check box to have CSM spell check e-mails as the message is typed (misspelled words are underlined with red squiggles).
  6. Make Default Account: Click this button to make the selected account the default account for sending e-mails.
  7. Find Dependencies: Click this button to display other CSM Items using the selected e-mail account (ex: An E-mail and Event Monitor).
  8. Click OK.

In This Section

Define Global POP or IMAP Account Settings

Define Global Microsoft Exchange Account Settings

Define Default From Addresses for a Global E-mail Account

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