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Actions Menu

Use the Actions menu (accessible by clicking the Add Action button) to quickly add Actions to areas such as CSM Desktop Client toolbars, Business Objects, or a Customer Portal. The figure below shows an example of an Actions drop-down menu for a User toolbar.

Add Action Menu

Depending on where you are accessing the menu, a combination of different types of Actions are available from the Actions menu:

When you select an Action, the appropriate CSM Item Manager opens. From the Command Manager, you can select a specific CSM item to display/run (or specific command to execute for a Command Action). The items available for you to select might differ depending on where you are adding the Action (ex: Edit commands are available for CSM Desktop Client toolbars but not for a Customer Portal).

Note: Some CSM Item Managers support adding a CSM Item to your personal Task Pane or a custom toolbar directly from the CSM Item Manager (ex: In the Dashboard Manager, add a Dashboard to your toolbar). For more information, refer to CSM Item Managers and adding CSM items to the Task Pane or toolbar in the online help.

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