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About Fields

A Field is a basic unit of information (ex: ID, last name, address, etc.) that is specific to a Business Object (ex: Incident, Problem, Service, Customer, etc.). Each Field holds a single piece of data and has a unique name and properties to define the types of values it can contain and how it behaves. Fields can be stored in the database along with the Business Object, or calculated on the fly. Use Fields to store and/or display information that is relevant to a Business Object. Fields can be exposed in CSM using Field Controls on a Form to display relevant information (ex: Status), or to allow Users to provide or select data (ex: Description, Priority, Category, Sub-category, etc.).

Incident Fields

Each Field can hold one of the following types of information:

Fields can have any of the following properties:

You can also define when certain properties apply (ex: Always, never, based on lifecycle states or on another Field, System Function, Stored Value, Expression, etc.).

CSM provides many Fields for its OOTB Business Objects. Use these as-is, edit them, or create your own using the Business Object Editor (accessed from within a Blueprint in CSM Administrator).

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