Overview of What's New in CSM 9.1.0

Concurrent Development for Blueprints

If there are conflicts between a Blueprint you are trying to publish and the existing schema (for example, another developer has edited a business object after you began working on your Blueprint), you will now see a list of potential conflicts between the existing schema and the system objects you are updating in the Blueprint. Use the Blueprint Conflict Resolution window to view conflicts and choose whether to keep or discard your Blueprint changes. You can see when each item was edited and who made the changes.

Blueprint Conflict Resolution Window

Accessibility Improvements for CSM Web Applications

Continued accessibility improvements were made to the CSM Browser Client and CSM Portal, particularly for Grids.

Team Operations for the Cherwell REST API

You can now use these new operations to more effectively manage Teams with the REST API:
  • Add Users to Teams by Batch

    Use the addusertoteambybatch operation to add multiple Users to a Team at once.

  • Create or Update a Team or Workgroup

    Use the saveteam operation to create or update a Team or Workgroup.

New Modifiers

Multiple Modifiers were added:
  • Hash Text and Hash Mac Text

    Applies cryptographic hashing algorithms to text strings. This enables you to create encrypted strings you can use to create tokens for APIs and to detect data changes.

  • Trim Start and Trim End (Text Modifiers)

    Trims specified characters from the end of a text string. For example,

    to trim end characters from a string:
    • Original Token: 80906-1234
    • Modifier: Trim -1234
    • Results: 80906
  • Modulo (Math Modifier)

    Returns the remainder of a division calculation. For example:

    • 10%3 returns 1
    • 5%3 returns 2
    • 3%10 returns 3

    In the last example, 3 is returned because the 3 divided by 10 is 0, with 3 as the remainder.

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