About Widgets

A Widget is a mechanism that displays information about a Dashboard or Portal Site (ex: Chart, Gauge, Button, etc.).

CSM Widgets are either:
  • Data-driven: Displays CSM or external data (ex: Action Catalog, Browser, Chart, Gauge, Matrix, Search Control, Search Result, Twitter feed, or RSS feed).
  • Standard: Enhances design and functionality (ex: Button, Image, Link, Text, or Shape (Ellipses, Rectangle, or Tab)). Buttons and Links can execute a single Action (ex: Run an Action).

CSM provides a variety of highly configurable Widgets:

Icon Widget Description
Data-Driven Widgets
Action Catalog Widget Icon Action Catalog Displays a self-building and dynamic catalog of executable Actions.
Browser Widget Icon Browser Displays a website or HTML Page.
Chart Widget Icon Chart Displays a data graph. This can be a Bar, Column, Doughnut, Line, Pie, Pipeline, or Scatter chart (or combination). The icon varies depending on the type of Chart.
Command Palette Widget Icon Command Palette Displays a list of executable Actions.
Filter Widget Icon Filter Filters other Widget data by date, lookup table, or Query.
Gauge Widget Icon Gauge Displays a single value and optional range data as a graph. Styles include linear (horizontal, vertical, and thermometer), numeric (digital and mechanical), speedometer, and text.
Matrix Widget Icon Matrix Displays data from various Queries, broken up into rows and columns.
RSS Feed Widget Icon RSS Feed Displays the latest items from an RSS feed.
Search Query Icon Search Displays a Search Control that can be used to run a Quick Search or a Specific Search.
Quick View Icon Search Results List Displays the results of a search, either as a list of links or in a Grid.
Twitter Icon Twitter Feed Displays entries from a Twitter account or Search.
Standard Widgets (Shapes, etc.)
Button Widget/Control Icon Button Button that is capable of executing a single Action when clicked (ex: Run an Action).
Image Control Icon Image Custom image used to enhance the appearance/usability of a Dashboard.
Link Label Control Icon Link Underlined text that is capable of executing a single Action when clicked (ex: Run an Action).
Label Control Icon Text Text that identifies or enhances other Dashboard elements (ex: The Dashboard itself, area, Widget, group of Widgets, etc.). A Text Widget is technically a Gauge Widget.
NA Shape Various shapes (Ellipses, Rectangles, and Tabs) that organize other Widgets and enhance the appearance/usability of the Dashboard.

CSM provides a plethora of OOTB Widgets, designed to display data on a Dashboard or Portal Site. Use these OOTB Widgets as-is, edit them, or create your own using the Widget Manager.

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