Create an Internal HTML Page

To create an Internal HTML Page:

  1. Open the HTML Page Manager
  2. Select a scope and subfolder (if needed).
  3. Click the Create New button Down arrow Create New Button with Arrow, and then select Internal HTML page.

    The HTML Page Options window opens.

    Internal HTML Page Options Window

  4. Define general properties for the HTML Page:
    1. Name:

      Provide a display name to use within CSM (this property can be searched in CSM Item Managers).

    2. Description:

      Provide a description to use within CSM (this property can be searched in CSM Item Managers).

    3. Set background color: Select this check box to apply a background color to the HTML page. Then, click the Color Selector button to select the color for the page.
  5. Define additional options:
    1. Click the Options button.

      Advanced Options Window

    2. Availability: In the drop-down, select a scope.

      Note: If you already selected a scope at the beginning, this is auto-filled with your selection.

    3. Association:

      If applicable, select a more filtered scope (ex: A particular Team). <Automatic> applies scope based on login. If not applicable, this option is grayed out.

    4. Custom Image:

      Click the Image button to open the Image Manager, and then select an existing image or import a new image to represent the item in the UI.

    5. Click OK.

  6. Click OK.

    The HTML Page Editor opens to format the layout/appearance of the HTML page.

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