Site Manager

Use the Site Manager to complete general CSM Item Manager operations for Sites. Additional behaviors include:

  • Make Default: Mark a Site as the default Site for the Portal.

There are several ways to open the Site Manager.

To open the Site Manager:

  1. The Site Manager can be accessed in multiple ways:
    • From the Blueprint Editor menu bar in CSM Administrator, click Managers>Site Manager.
    • In the CSM Administrator main window, click the Browser and Mobile category, and then click the Site Manager task.

Site Manager

  1. Menu bar:

    Displays a row of drop-down menus available in the Manager.

  2. Toolbar:

    Displays a row of buttons for operations available in the Manager.

  3. Search Control:

    Displays a search box to find specific words or phrases in the Manager.

  4. Manager tree:

    Displays items in a hierarchical tree, organized by scope, and subfolder if applicable. Also lists any Searches run during the session.

  5. Main Pane:

    Displays items by View (Icon, List, or Details (Grid)) and lists search results when a Search is run.

Good to know:

  • System is the only available scope. Create subfolders underneath this scope to organize items.

  • Use the Manager Context (right-click) menu to quickly access menu bar/toolbar options.
  • For more information about working in CSM Item Managers, refer to the Item Managers documentation.
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