Portal Sites

A Portal Site is a collection of self-service information in a CSM Portal that is dedicated to a topic or function. A Portal can display one or many Sites. Examples include:

  • A company support Site (single site Portal).
  • A Site for each department (IT, HR, Support. etc.).
  • A Site for each locale (US, Germany, Chile, etc.), although a single Site can be configured to be available in multiple languages.

A Portal Site is highly configurable and can be tailored to meet branding and layout needs. The Site can display an Application Bar (Login, Site Selector, etc.), an informative banner/footer, a menu bar, a Search Control, and a Startup Item (ex: A Dashboard).

Portal Main Window

  1. Application Bar: Displays the Site Selector, login menu, Language Selector, and CSM logo (which, when clicked, displays information about Cherwell Software).
  2. Banner: Displays Site and background image, title, subtitle, and baseline text.
  3. Menu bar: Lists the Site Items and/or supporting Actions. Click a Site Item to display its contents in the Main pane or its list of supporting Actions.
  4. Search control: Searches the Portal.
  5. Main Pane: Displays the Startup Item. This could be a Dashboard, a Report, a list of records (Search Group), the record currently being edited, etc.
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