Log in to a Portal

While Users and Customers can reach the Portal without logging in if allowed, functionality is limited until a log in is complete.

To log in to a Portal:

  1. Provide: http://server/CherwellPortal where server is the location the CSM Browser applications are installed.

    This opens the default Site chosen by the system administrator.

    Tip: To go a specific Site, specify the Site in the URL (ex: http://server/CherwellPortal/Marketing).

  2. Depending on the design of the Portal, the User might need to click a Click to login link to log in to the Portal Site.

    Portal Site Selector and Login

    Note: Not all Portals and Sites require login.
  3. (Customer) Provide the login credentials (User Name and Password).
    Note: If Windows/LDAP login was enabled, provide the Windows credentials.
  4. Click Sign-in.

    CSM Sign-in Window

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