Browser Client Visualizations

Browser Client Visualizations look and behave similarly to Visualizations in the Desktop Client.

Visualization Main Windows

Above: Browser Visualization. Below: CSM Desktop Client Visualization.

In the Browser Client, Users can:

  • View a Visualization:
    Note: In order to view a Visualization, a specific record (ex: Incident, Problem, Change, etc.) must be open.
    • View all your Visualizations using the Visualization Manager (Visualizations>Visualization Manager).
    • View a record's Visualizations by clicking the Visualization icon Visualization Button (ex: View impacted CIs on an Incident Record).

In the Browser Client, Visualization functionality is accessed using the Visualizations drop-down menu on the Browser Client menu bar. From the Visualizations drop-down, Users can access:

  • The Visualizations Manager.
  • Most Recently Used (MRU) Visualizations.

    Browser Client Visualization Drop-down Menu

Good to know:

  • Visualizations can be viewed and used in the Browser Client; however, Visualizations are managed (created, edited, deleted, etc.) and configured (security rights and defaults) only in the CSM Desktop Client and CSM Administrator.
  • The Browser Client Visualization window provides much of the same functionality as the Desktop Visualization window and includes the toolbar, Main pane, Aerial pane, and Legend; however, the Browser Client Visualization window does not include a menu bar.
  • The Visualization Manager behaves differently in the Browser Client than it does in the CSM Desktop Client. See Browser Client Managers for more information.
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