Browser Client Searches

Searches in the Browser Client behave very similarly to those in the Desktop Client. The main difference is the way in which Search menus are accessed.

Good to know:

  • Searches edited or saved in the Browser Client carry over to the Desktop Client. Depending on Role and the scope (folder) of the search, others may be able to see and use created Searches (ex: If you create an All Tasks Search and save it to the Team folder, members of your Team will be able to access the All Tasks Search).
  • The Search Manager behaves differently in the Browser Client than it does in the CSM Desktop Client. See Browser Client Managers for more information.

To begin a search:

  1. From the Browser Client menu bar, click the Searches drop-down.
  2. Select from the actions available in the drop-down.

    Browser Client Searches Drop-down

  3. To select a search that does not appear in the MRU section, click Search Manager.
    Note: The Search Manager behaves differently than it does in the Desktop Client. See Browser Client Managers for more information.

Upon running a Search, the results open in the Main Pane.

Browser Client Search Results

If card view is enabled for a Business Object, search results are displayed in a web-like list or as medium or large cards. To view a specific record in card view, select an item from the results list or the title link in a card.

In card view, you can:

  1. Click the side menu to access options, including: showing the currently selected record or showing results in a Grid view, sorting results by a Field in ascending or descending order, and changing card size.
  2. Click a page number or the arrow buttons to navigate between pages of results.
  3. Click the Ellipses to access a menu of actions available for the Business Object. Actions can be run directly from the card view without drilling down into a record.

When viewing the Search results, more options become available in the Search menu drop-down that allow Users to:

  • Edit the current search.
  • Save the current search as...

    Browser Client Search Results Menu

    Left: Search Menu. Right: Search Results Menu

Open the Quick Search Builder by editing the current search or saving it as a new Search.

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