Browser Client Forms

Forms and Grids in the CSM Browser Client are very similar in appearance and functionality to Forms in the Desktop Client.

Browser Client Forms Comparison

Above: Browser Client Form. Below: CSM Desktop Client Form.

Using Forms in the Browser Client, Users can:

  • View existing records (ex: Incident, Change, Problem, etc.).
  • View child objects for records in the Form Arrangement (ex: Journals, Tasks, Queues, etc.).
  • Log a record (ex: Incident, Change, Problem, etc.).

In the Browser Client, Form functionality is accessed using the New drop-down on the Browser Client menu bar to log a new record or by drilling down into a Widget, and then opening an existing record via a Grid.

Opening Browser Client Forms

Good to know:

  • In addition to the record itself, Forms in the Browser Client contain a Form Arrangement area as they do in the CSM Desktop Client. The Form Arrangement contains child objects and supporting tabs (ex: Journal, Queues, Tasks, etc.).
  • Users can now zoom into Fields by clicking the Text Editor button Text Editor Button in a Field.
  • Browser Client Forms feature splitters that help you size the Form Arrangement as needed.
  • For more information about Forms and Form Arrangements, refer to the Forms documentation.
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