Browser Client E-mail

E-mails can be sent directly from the Browser Client using the E-mail menu located on the Browser Client menu bar. The E-mail menu contains the following options:

  • Send E-mail: Allows the User to send an e-mail from anywhere in the Browser Client (you select the recipients).
  • Send E-mail Using Current Customer: Allows the User to send an e-mail from a Business Object record (the recipient is the active Customer on the Business Object Record).

    Browser Client E-mail Menu Drop-Down

E-mails can also be sent by running One-Steps that have e-mail Actions, either from the One-Step Manager or by clicking on a Customer's e-mail address in a Business Object record. When sending an e-mail, there are several options in the e-mail message window, including:

Good to know:

  • To send e-mail from within the Browser Client, an e-mail account must be configured. Refer to the E-mail Accounts Documentation for more information. E-mails are sent from a default account.
  • The ability to send e-mail and access the Address Book depends upon security rights.
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