Browser Client Accessibility (Card View)

The card view interface is accessible to Users with disabilities. Navigate through cards, select specific cards, and run actions using keyboard commands.

To open and interact with card view:

  1. Log in to the Browser Client with Accessibility voice tools activated.
  2. Perform a search for a Business Object that has card view enabled.
    Note: Card view is enabled in CSM Administrator, in the search results properties for a Business Object.
  3. Tab to the card view toolbar and the list of records.
  4. In the list of records:
    1. Press the arrow keys to navigate the record list.
    2. Press the space bar to select a record.
    3. Press Tab to navigate to the Browser Client address bar.
  5. Select and run actions for a record:
    1. Press the A key to navigate to the action bar.
    2. Press the down arrow to open the action menu.
    3. Press the arrow keys to navigate through the actions menu.
    4. Press Enter to run a selected action.
    5. Press Esc to return to the card.
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