About HTML Pages

A CSM HTML Page is an HTML-coded web-like page used to display information on a CSM Customer Portal Site or in the CSM Browser Client. HTML Pages can be:

  • Internal HTML Pages: HTML pages that Users design and code. Users can insert CSM commands directly into the page, as well as CSM Images, Tokens, Stored Values, etc.
  • External HTML Pages: Existing websites. Users supply the URL.

Use an HTML Page to display:

  • A company website as Startup Item on a Portal Site.
  • A hardware website or forum on a Portal Site (add an Action to a Site menu bar to display an HTML page).
  • A hard-coded HTML Page that Users design directly in the Browser Client.

    HTML Page

    Tip: An HTML Page is typically identified by the HTML Page icon Browser Widget Icon.

CSM provides several OOTB HTML Pages. Use these OOTB HTML Pages as-is, edit them, or create new HTML Pages using the HTML Page Manager. CSM also provides the HTML Page Editor to help design and code your own Internal HTML Page.

Note: The HTML Page Editor is useful for building pages. For more advanced options, it is assumed that Users have a working knowledge of HTML and possibly CSS.
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