Overview of What's New in CSM 9.0.1

One-Step Action Annotations

Annotations have been added to all One-Step Actions. Annotations enable you to document the One-Step Actions for other administrators. You can provide a brief description as a tooltip, along with a longer description that can be viewed on the Annotations page.

Refer to Define the Annotations for a One-Step for more information.

Guidance for CSM System Design Using Concurrent Development

The CSM online help now provides best practice documentation for concurrent development. Concurrent development allows multiple designers to simultaneously work on system changes, which is an essential technique for increasing the productivity of large IT organizations. In CSM, simple and complex system configuration is done using Blueprints or mApps. The document includes recommended best practices, a workflow for the Blueprint process, and a workflow for the mApp process.

Refer to Best Practices for Concurrent Development for more information.

Trusted Agents and Bulk Data Imports

You can now use Trusted Agents to import data from external systems. For example, SaaS customers can import data from external databases on a private network into their CSM system on Cherwell's host network.

Imports are not bi-directional and real-time updates are not supported at this time.

Refer to Import External Data Using Trusted Agents for more information.

Trusted Agents Request Routing and Fault Tolerance

You can now create Service Groups in CSM Administrator and use the Service Groups to route requests to Trusted Agents Services.

Use this feature to support fault tolerance by provisioning multiple Trusted Agents Services in a single private network. This allows for increased redundancy of communication with private resources so that if one Trusted Agent Service is unavailable, additional Trusted Agents Services can facilitate communications.

You can also use this feature to enable request routing for Windows domains, Active Directory, and bulk external data imports.

Refer to Scaling Out the Trusted Agents Service for more information.

Trusted Agents Hub Scale-out Using Redis

You can now increase fault tolerance for communication with Trusted Agents by scaling out Trusted Agents Hubs in the same way as CSM Browser Clients and Application Servers can be scaled out using Redis when Server Farm Mode is enabled in CSM Server Manager.

Trusted Agents Hub Connections and Service Information

You can now test Trusted Agents Hub connections in CSM Administrator.

In addition, you can view Trusted Agents Service registration information and last ping time.

Refer to the Connect to the Trusted Agents Hub from CSM Administrator for more information.

Cherwell REST API Examples

Many C# examples have been added to the REST API documentation, including:
  • Get an Incident
  • Create an Incident
  • Upload Attachments
  • Delete a Business Object
  • Get Search items
  • Perform an ad-hoc Search with a filter
  • Perform an ad-hoc Search with sorting
  • Create a user

The examples are available on the REST API landing page and the CSM online help.

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