Overview of What's New in CSM 8.2.1

One-Step Branching

A new Decide Between Multiple Cases One-Step Action allows Users to define multiple cases (or paths) that the One-Step executes next based on defined conditions. With this Action, Users can build branching logic into One-Steps to create advanced workflows to manage and automate processes. The Decide Between Multiple Cases Action allows Users to:
  • Add an unlimited number of Actions to each path, including other Decide Between Multiple Cases Actions.
  • Use Go To Actions on or before paths to jump into or out of other paths, or anywhere else within the One-Step.

Service Health Monitoring

The Service Health Monitor enables on-premise customers to detect that the following services are running normally:
  • Automation Process Server
  • E-mail Event Monitor
  • Scheduling Server
  • Configuration Scheduling Server

The Service Health Monitor sends "heartbeat" signals at a defined interval to Splunk® Enterprise. You can then use Splunk to view status information for each service, including the amount of time the most active task has been running.

Two sample Splunk dashboards are included in the documentation to help you quickly access CSM service health data.


There is an enhancement for the ability to choose whether Fields exported from a Grid are truncated or not. Clearing the Truncate long fields check box allows the full contents of all fields to be exported directly from the Grid.


The enhancement to Auto-Deploy allows you to add more than one domain account for the installer. Customers with multiple domains can now deploy the CSM client from a single Auto-Deploy instance.

Platform Support

Support has been added for Microsoft Edge when it is run on Windows 10.

Support has also been added for the Microsoft® Exchange 2016.

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