Overview of What's New in CSM 8.1.0

Field-level Encryption and View Auditing

: 3-Minute Video

CSM now supports encryption at the Field level to protect sensitive data in Business Object records (ex: Identity information, financial data, etc.). Values entered into encrypted Fields are masked when the decrypt/encrypt button is clicked or the record is saved (in the Browser Client, tabbing out of an encrypted Field also masks the data). Values are encrypted when a record is saved. All attempts to decrypt and view encrypted Field values are tracked in Journal-History records (enforced) or logged to a Splunk server (optional). Entering and viewing data in encrypted Fields requires Business Object rights. Encrypted Fields are more limited than regular Fields (ex: They cannot be searched, displayed in Grids, used in One-Steps or Expressions, etc.).

Encryption is enabled in a Field's advanced properties (in a Blueprint in CSM Administrator) and requires the use of encryption keys, which are managed in the Encryption Key Management interface in the Server Manager. The ability to manage encryption keys depends on security rights.

Card View

: 3-Minute Video

Search results for a Business Object can now be displayed in the Desktop Client, Browser Client, and Portal as a card view. The improved UI provides a more web-like experience and easy navigation. Users can select layout options: a web-like search results list, medium cards, or large cards. Results can be sorted by a Business Object Field in ascending or descending order. Access and run record-specific Actions directly from a card (ex: Set Incident to Resolved) without drilling down into a record. Actions are available from a context (right-click) menu on the card or by pressing the A key on the keyboard (Browser Client only).

Card view is enabled in a Business Object's search results properties in CSM Administrator.

Cherwell Mobile for iOS

Cherwell Mobile for iOS has been enhanced to include the following features:

  • Improved performance.
  • Overall UI changes for an updated look-and-feel and improved navigation.
  • Improved layouts that take better advantage of screen size.
  • Client-side Dashboard rendering for more responsive Widgets.
  • Alerts that run in the background and do not interfere with application startup or overall performance.
  • Pinboards for pinning records, search queries, Dashboard Widgets, etc. that you reference frequently so that you can easily revisit them.
  • SAML login.

Cherwell Mobile for iOS requires a secure server connection (ex: https://MyCherwellServer.com).

Improved Online Help

: 3-Minute Video

The CSM Online Help has been updated to provide a modern and streamlined look and feel. The Online help is now available in German.

Improvements include:

  • More robust searching capabilities that provide more targeted search results.
  • Responsive design provides easy viewing on Web browsers, tablets, and phones.
  • Enhanced print features that enable you to print entire sections. If your browser supports saving Web pages as PDFs, you can save sections of the help as PDFs for easy distribution in your organization.

Web Service Lookups

CSM Prompts can now read an XML or JSON collection (ex: A result from a web service call saved as a variable) and display values from an entire row or from a selected field. This allows Users to easily select and use information from third-party web service calls (ex: To populate records).

New Cherwell REST API Authentication

All CSM authentication types are now supported by the REST API. Use the token operation to get an access token for one of these authentication modes: Internal, Windows, LDAP, and SAML.

New Cherwell REST API Operations

You can now use the Cherwell REST API to get, remove, attach, and upload attachments for Business Objects.

In addition, you can use the new "Get built-in images" operation to get built-in images from the Image Manager.

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