About the Server Manager

The Server Manager is a stand-alone tool that allows system administrators to efficiently monitor, manage (start, stop, or restart), and configure (database connections, login authentication, logging, etc.) the CSM Servers (Services), and restart some managed CSM Web Applications.

Use the Server Manager to:

  • Monitor the status (running or stopped) of CSM Servers and Web Applications.
  • Start, stop, and restart CSM Servers.
  • Restart CSM Web Applications (Browser Client, Portal, and Web-Forms): A restart recycles the application pools.
  • Configure CSM Servers: CSM Servers are configured by default during installation. If settings need to be changed, use the Server Manager. For example, you can change the protocol used to communicate with the Cherwell Application Server, a connection to the database, or a method of logging Server events.
  • Configure the Trusted Agents Server.
  • Configure Encryption Keys for CSM Servers or Web Applications.
  • Configure logging for CSM Servers or Web Applications.
  • Configure the Service Health Monitor.

This Server Manager is automatically installed on the same machine where CSM Servers are installed.

Tip: Use the Service Monitor, a similar tool, to remotely monitor and manage services.
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