Save a mApp

There are two save options for a mApp:

  • Save As: Saves a mApp as a named mApp Blueprint (.mAppBP) file.
  • Save to disk: Saves changes to the open mApp (.mAppBP) file.

Good to know:

To save a mApp as a named .mAppBP file:

  1. Create a mApp.From the mApp Editor menu bar, click File>Save As.

    Tip: You can also save a mApp as a named .mAppBP file by clicking Save mApp to Disk in the mApps section of the mApp Editor Task Pane.

  2. Provide a filename for the mApp.
    Note: Ensure that the file type is .mAppBP.
  3. Click Save.

    A .mAppBP file is created. The name of the mApp is displayed at the top of the CSM Administrator main window and at the top the mApp Editor.

To save changes to the open mApp:

  1. In a mApp, do one of the following:
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