Database Server Objects Good to Know

  • Choosing one of these Database Server Object types only sets up the default template for the object. Cherwell does not in any way manage or check the details of these scripts for legality (although you can confirm with SQL that the script is legal at the time you create it). For example, if you reference CSM Fields, and then later remove the referenced Fields, Cherwell does not know about the error, although the script will likely fail to be created (which will generate an error).
  • You should use Database Server Object even if the server object does not depend on a Cherwell Business Object. Doing so ensures that the objects are sent and received with Cherwell when it is exported and re-imported into another database. Or, you can publish a Blueprint to a test system, and then later publish it to your live system. By having the server objects in the Blueprint, they will automatically be added to the database when the Cherwell Blueprint is published.
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