Publish a Rollback Blueprint File to Undo Changes

Rollback Blueprint files are created before a Blueprint is published. Rollback Blueprint files serve as a snapshot of the CSM system prior to changes that may have been implemented in a newly published Blueprint. After changes have been published (example: changing the system's font style), it is possible to undo the changes and return the system to its previous state.

Rollback Blueprint files are only available once a Blueprint has been published. To remove changes prior to publishing the Blueprint, use theUndo Business Object Changes within a Blueprint feature.

To publish a Rollback Blueprint file and override changes made to your CSM system, follow these steps:
  1. In the CSM Administrator Client, select the Blueprints category.
  2. Select Open an existing Blueprint.
  3. Navigate to the saved Rollback Blueprint file (example: Desktop/font_changes_rollback.bp).
    Note: Rollback Blueprint files are created when a Blueprint is published and saved. If a Blueprint is published and saved, a Rollback Blueprint file is also created.
  4. Click Open. The Rollback Blueprint file opens in the CSM Administrator Object Manager.
  5. Click Publish Blueprint. The Publish Options window opens.
  6. Click Publish in the Publish Options window to publish the file to your live or test system.
    After the Rollback Blueprint file is published to a live or test system, the system returns to its state prior to any implemented changes. (example: the system will have the original font style rather than an updated font style).
    Note: If changes persist and do not reset when the Rollback Blueprint file is published, reload the system definitions (CSM Desktop Client > Tools > Reload Definitions. If reloading the system definitions is unsuccessful, contact your Cherwell Administrator.
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