Enable or Disable an Automation Process

By default, all Automation Processes are disabled in CSM. Use CSM Administrator to enable Automation Processes, which activates the processes and initiates them at the appropriate time.

Note: Automation Process e-mails use the Current System Stored Value. The processes will send e-mails to the test receiver account (ex: ServiceDeskTESTReceiver@company.com) until you migrate to a production environment.

While many default processes are available for your use, we recommend the following at a minimum:

  • Incident Confirmation E-mail on Create: (Association: Incident) When an Incident is created, the process initiates the Incident Confirmation One-Step, which sends the Customer an e-mail to confirm their record and provide the Record ID number.
  • Incident - Not Touched in 3 Days: (Association: Incident) Waits for the Last Modified Date Time Field to update. If the Field is not updated for three days, the process initiates the SLA Escalate if Not Touched in 3 Days One-Step that sends an e-mail to the Incident owner with a reminder to follow up with the Customer.
  • Resolve to Closed: (Association: Incident) Waits for three days after the status of an Incident is changed to Resolved. If the status does not change from Resolved, it marks the status as Closed.

The following CSM icons indicate the type of Automation Process:

Icon Action
Simple Action/Event Automation Process Icon Simple Action/Event Automation Process
Threshold-Based Automation Process Icon Threshold-Based Automation Process
Visual Workflow Automation Process Icon Visual Workflow Automation Process

Use the Individual Automation Process Status task (CSM Administrator) to either enable or disable Automation Processes:

  • Enabled Automation Process: Active in the system and operate at the scheduled time.
  • Disabled Automation Processes: Inactive in the system, so they do not operate when events are fired.

The Automation Process Status window (CSM Administrator>Automation Processes>Individual Automation Process Status) uses the following icons to indicate status:

Icon Action
Enable Button The Automation Process is enabled (active).
Disable Button The Automation Process is disabled (inactive).

To change the status of an Automation Process:

  1. Click the Automation Processes category in CSM Administrator.
  2. Click Individual Automation Process Status.

    The Automation Process Status window opens.

    Automation Process Status Window

  3. Select the Automation Process that you want to change.
  4. Select a status:
    • Click the Enable button Enable Button on the toolbar to enable the Automation Process.

      Tip: You can also click Process on the menu bar and select Enable, or right-click an Automation Process and select Enable.

    • Click the Disable button Disable Button on the toolbar to disable the Automation Process.

    The Automation Process reflects the selected status in the Grid.

  5. Close the Automation Process Status window.
    Note: Your changes are saved automatically.
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