Create a Browser Widget

Use the Browser Widget Properties window (accessed from within the Widget Manager) to create a Browser Widget.

To create a Browser Widget:

  1. Create a Widget.
  2. In the Type drop-down, select Browser.
  3. Define which HTML Page or website to display in the Browser Widget:
    • HTML Page: Select this radio button to display an HTML page. Click the Ellipses button Ellipses Button to open the HTML Page Manager, and then select an existing HTML page or create a new HTML page (either internal or external). When using a two-tier connection, a CSM login window opens. Provide your User name and Password to open the HTML Editor tool.
      Note: If accessing the HTML Editor in the Desktop Client, clicking Cancel when creating a new page does not delete the page. Select the page, and then click Delete.
    • Web Site: Select this radio button to display a website, and then provide the URL of the website.
  4. Define how often to refresh the Widget:
    1. Refresh:

      Select this check box to refresh the content according to a defined time period, and then provide the refresh timeframe (every x hours or minutes).

      Tip: Use refresh on Widgets where the data is likely to change (ex: A Widget displaying Incident data).
  5. Click OK.

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