Edit a CSM Item

Use the CSM Item Manager to edit existing CSM Items (example: Dashboards, Reports, One-Steps etc.). Edit CSM Items when information needs to be updated (example: Adding a new Field to a Report) or changed (example: Changing the text in an e-mail One-Step).

Good to know:

  • Editing items does not affect past versions (example: Adding a new Field to a Report only adds the Field for present and future Reports). However, dependencies between CSM Items might be affected when editing items. For example, a Widget might be dependent on a specific Metric in order to show the correct data. Editing the Metric to display a different set of data could result in incorrect data displaying or a broken Widget.
  • Dependencies are important to note when editing or deleting items in CSM Item Managers. Click the Dependencies button to scan CSM for everything that uses the item.
  • Managers look and behave differently in the Browser Client. For more information, refer to the Browser Client documentation.

To edit a CSM Item:

  1. Open a CSM Item Manager.
  2. Select a scope and subfolder (if needed).
  3. Click the CSM Item to edit, and then do one of the following:
    • In the CSM Item Manager toolbar, click the Edit button.
    • From the CSM Item Manager window, right-click>edit.
    • Select the Edit tab in the CSM Item Manager menu bar.

    The item's Property page or Editor opens so that you can make changes.

  4. Save the changes.
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