Cherwell Mobile Good to Know

  • Cherwell Mobile supports three clients: Cherwell Mobile for iOS, Cherwell Mobile for Android, and Cherwell Mobile for Browser. Each looks and behaves a bit differently.
  • Before using Cherwell Mobile, it must be configured. Configuration involves creating Mobile Dashboards and Forms, configuring security rights, and configuring settings (login settings, Cherwell Mobile settings, and settings on each mobile device). The Cherwell Mobile settings (sometimes referred to as a mobile configuration) specify the CSM data to make available in mobile devices (ex: Which Mobile Home and Alert Dashboards, Business Objects, Actions/One-Steps, etc.), and are initially configured in CSM Administrator (either Globally or by Role); however, users with security rights can define their User (personal) Cherwell Mobile settings.
  • CSM provides an OOTB mobile configuration with OOTB Mobile Dashboards and OOTB Mobile Forms. Use these as-is, edit them, or create your own in CSM Administrator.
  • The Cherwell Mobile functionality and interface vary depending on your mobile device, OS, and theme.

Always consider the following:

  • CSM is highly configurable. As a result, a User's system may vary from the Out-of-the-Box content in our documentation.

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